The Advantages Of Dry Mortar

Dry mortar is the final product of dry-mixed mortar production line. Commonly, dry mortar is produce by professional dry mortar manufacturer. Through eieving dry processing, quartz sand aggregate, infinite gel materials( such as cement), additive can be mixed to a material according to a certain of fixed ratio. After packing, dry mortar can be conveyed to construction site in bag or bulk. You can use it directly after adding a certain of water.

Otherwise, dry mortar also can be called mortar dry material, dry-mixed material, dry mixing mortar powder. Some building adhesives belong to dry mortar. In construction, it plays the function of pad, protection, cementation and decoration. Dry mortar is mainly used to masonry and plaster, external thermal insulation system, and internal decoration. So, it is widely used in building and fitting out works.


With the promotion of building energy efficiency, dry mortar has a wide application in construction industry. The advantages of dry mortar are as the followings:
Firstly, in order to make dry mortar in large batches, dry mortar is manufactured by automatic dry mortar production line. Therefore, dry mortar equipment has been popularized and applied in construction industry. Dry mortar equipment has changed the traditional way of mixing.

Secondly, dry mortar has stable property that can satisfy the demands for all kinds of construction sites and special materials.

Thirdly, dry mortar has strong adaptation, convenient transportation.

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