Analysis For The Batching Process Of Dry Mortar Production Line

In the production process of dry mortar, batching is an important part. Batching can affect the ingredient of finished product material. Today, let’s talk about the batching process of dry mortar production line.

Firstly, start batching device system and add material to preset value. Then, stop add material.

Secondly, start precise adding device and add material continuously. When charging volume is nearly to preset value, slow down it’s speed and stop. Meanwhile, you should shut down the speed of discharging equipment to prevent material collapse phenomenon. In working process, you can choose to add material precisely with manual operation.


Thirdly, after batching, valve of measuring pocket would open. At this time, all material in measuring pocket would enter into the main engine. When all material enter into the main engine, the instrument of stock bin would go zero. The valve can close automatically. Then, next round of dry mortar machine batching begins.

The above are the batching process. I believe you would have a better understanding of batching process of dry mortar production line. After reading the article, you would know how to use the equipment better. If you want to know more, contact us.

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