dry mortar mix plants for sale

Dry Mortar Mix Plant

Adopting advanced technology at home and abroad, dry mortar mixing plant is special mixing equipment , which can satisfy the construction need of highway, urban road, airport, stadium and other basic construction. Dry mortar mixing plant can produce ordinary mortar and special mortar. The ordinary mortar includes masonry mortar, plastering mortar, screeding mortar and ordinary waterproof mortar; special mortar includes adhesive mortar, wear-resisting flooring mortar, special waterproof mortar,  thermal insulation mortar and so on.

dry mortar mix plants for sale
The excellent anti-blocking screw and the design of cement silo guarantee the reliability of the conveying of cement and the accuracy of the cement measurement. As a professional dry mortar plant manufacturer, our dry mix mortar plant is applicable for producing some basic material, such as cement stabilized gravel, lime soil stable makings by adopting the quick lime, slaked lime, soil, sand, coal ash and cement as raw material. These basic material produced by our dry mortar plant have been stirred evenly and also have accurate ratio, which satisfy the requirements of construction.
Compared with the same equipment, dry mortar production line has the following advantages:
1. Good dispersibility
The interior of our dry mortar machine adopts unique structure design, which can disperse the polypropylene fiber and wood fiber effectively and solve the problems of segregation and fiber secondary reunion due to the difference of material ratio.
2.Wide application range
Our automatic dry mortar plant equipment can satisfy the production requirements of dry mortar with different performance requirements, such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar and so on.
3.High cost performance
Our dry mix mortar manufacturing plant can obtain high benefit through small investment, which can avoid the problem of leaving the equipment in idle caused by large investment.
4.It is simple and convenient to use
The occupied area of our dry mortar mix plant is small, and it consumes low energy. When operating, it is very simple and convenient.

dry mortar production line1

  1. The materials enter into bunker, weighting system, mixer, packing and other procedures through various conveying equipment. Each device is in horizontal state.
  2. The plant has low height, which makes it easy to install and maintain.
  3. The equipment has simple layout and relatively low investment.
  4. It has low investment and quick returns.
Models GJT05 GJT10 GJT20 GJT30 GJT40 GJT50 GJT60
Capacity(t/h) 5 10 20 30 40 50 60


dry mortar mix plant manufacturer

  1.  The storage silo is set higher than other types of equipment, and it is weighting silo, mixing silo, packing silo and others accordingly.
  2. The materials are raised to the silo at one time, and then it is transported by its own gravity.
  3. It has tight layout, small occupancy, low energy consumption, less intermediate equipment and easy cleaning.
Models GJL05 GJL10 GJL20 GJL30 GJL40 GJL50 GJL60 GJL80 GJL100
Capacity(t/h) 5 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100

Beihai dry mortar mixing plant


  1. It can be applied to produce special mortar in small scale.
  2.  It needs less investment, less floor consumption.
  3. With compact structure, it can be installed in standard industrial workshop.
  4. It is a type of simple and flexible dry mortar production line.
Models GJC05 GJC10 GJC20 GJC30 GJC40
Capacity(t/h) 5 10 20 30 40

small dry mix mortar plant china

  1. It has simple working principle and easy operation.
  2. It has low investment and quick returns.
  3. The working process: feeding by screw conveyor, mixing, finished product unloading, discharging, storing in finished product bin, automatic packing and final products.
Models HJJ300 HJJ500 HJ1000 HJJ2000
Capacity(t/h) 0.5~1 1~1.5 2~3 3~5


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