dry mortar colter mixers

Dry Mortar Mixer

Dry mortar mixer is a type of mixing equipment with high efficiency, which is widely used in the material mixing of chemical, fertilizer, dyestuff, pigment, rubber, building materials, refractory materials, rare earth, new materials, nuclear materials, plastic and glass industry. It is an important part of dry-mix mortar production line. Dry mix mortar mixer is horizontal cylinder and its inner and outer spiral belt has a unique structure. This machine has smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, easy installation and maintenance, and has a variety of structure of stirrer, which is a multifunctional mixing equipment with wide application.

dry mortar colter mixers

The mortar mixing machine also has the advantage of fast mixing, high mixing uniformity and viscosity. The scraper blade can be installed on the spiral belt.
When blending, mortar mixer machine requires that all materials should be mixed evenly. The mixing degree can be divided into three conditions: deal mixing, random mix and complete separation. The mixing degree in mortar mixers depends on the ratio of material, physical state and features, the type of the mixing machine and the time of mixing operation.

Dry Mortar Colter Mixer

Dry Mortar Colter Mixer1


Model Production Capacity Power Shaft Rotation Speed Size
 (T/H) (kw)  (R/Min) (LxWxH)(mm)
LDH-1.0 8~10 11 100 2700 x 1584x 1756
LDH-2.0 10~20 18.5 100 3300 x 1584 x 1756
LDH-3.0 20~30 45 100 3900 x 1700 x 2200
LDH-4.0 30~40 55 100 4800 x 1700 x 2200

Agravic Twin-shaft Paddle Mortar Mixer

Agravic Twin shaft Paddle Mortar Mixer

Model Production Capacity Power Size Weight
(T/H) (kw) (L x W x H) (mm) (T)
WSH-1.0 5~8 11 2111x1818x1442 4
WSH-2.0 10~15 18.5 2405x2200x1600 8
WSH-3.0 15~25 22 2505x2400x1700 12
WSH-4.0 25~30 45 2860x2710x2300 15
WSH-6.0 45~50 55 3365x2886x2235 22


Horizontal Single Shaft Screw Mortar Mixer

horizontal spiral mortar mixers

Model Production Capacity Power
(T/H) (kw)
HJJ300 0.6~0.9 2.2
HJJ500 1.0~1.5 5.5
HJJ1000 2.0~3.0 7.5
HJJ2000 3~4 11


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Features and Advantages:
1.It has good dispersibility.
2.It has wide application.
3.It has high cost performance.
4.It is easy and convenient to use.

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