Dry Motar Production Line: Dust-clearing System With Special Design

Environmental pollution has aroused many people’s attention. The enterprises in all walks of life have began to participate in activities of protecting environment. In order to achieve environmental friendly demand, we have equipped special dust-clearing system for our dry mortar production line. In this article, I would like to introduce some details of our dust-clearing system.

Firstly, our dust-clearing system adopts a primary gravity dust removing structure and secondary bag dust removing structure. Power particles getting from dust removing can be recycled. It is a resource saving design that is welcomed by many customers.


Secondary, according to requirement, we set all kinds of dust removing devices for someplace where may discharge dust. Our dust removing system can control dust discharging volume under the standard effectively.

Thirdly, as professional dry mortar plant manufacturer, our dry mortar mix plant, adopting various dust removing methods, can make your construction site very clean.

Dry mortar production line is a new type of mixing equipment. The equipment have many advantages: quick mixing speed, high mixing precision degree. We have many series of dry mortar production line for sale: mini mortar mixer for sale, semi automatic dry mortar production line, and so on. If you are interested in our machine, contact us.

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