Four Points You Should Remember When You Use Dry Mortar Production Line

Like other machinery, in order to guarantee the smooth working of dry mortar production line, you should remember four points. Many customers may neglect small details. If you want to make your machine have long service life time, you should pay attention to them. If you buy, dry mortar mixer price of our factory is competitive.

Firstly, when you use dry mortar mixer, you should check and maintain the equipment on time. If you find wrong operating, abnormal position, noise, you should turn off the power without delay. After inspection and maintenance, you can start to turn on the power.


Secondly, mix degree of dry mortar equipment can be divided into ideal mix, random mix and incomplete mix.

Thirdly, when the electricity suddenly turns off, you should let material in mixer out. Then, you can start your machine.

Fourthly, due to proportion, physical state, and characteristic of material, material may have different mix degrees. Meanwhile, the type of dry mortar mixer and mixing time can affect mix degree of material.

The above are the four points you should remember when you use dry mortar equipment. If you have any question, contact us to know more.

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