How To Inspect Dry Mortar Mix Plant?

The dry mortar mix plant is the professional equipment which is usually used to produce dry mortar. Generally, the customers can install small dry mortar plant by themselves under the guidance of manufacturer. While, the big dry mortar production line needs specially-assigned person to install. Because the big one contains many parts, such as hoister, raw material stock tank, etc. It is complicated for installing. So, after installing, you should inspect the dry mortar production line. It is a highly responsible attitude for manufacturer.

I will introduce some criteria for you as the following. You can check the installing condition according to the criteria.

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Firstly, check the integrity of dry mortar equipment. The main thing is to check that whether the support equipment of dry mortar production line is installed or not, such as electric control bin, weighing device.

Secondly, check the whether the appearance of dry mortar mix plant is up to demand. Due to the dry mortar device belongs to customized device. Some customers may have their own special requirements for the plant. If the appearance is not the same with what you want, you should communicate with manufacturer in time.

Thirdly, after installing dry mortar production line, you should test-run a machine with material. You can check the running condition of equipment.

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