How To Maintain Aggregate Supplying System Of Dry Mortar Production Line?

The aggregate supplying system is one part of dry mortar production line. Expect knowing how to operate aggregate supplying system, we also should know know to maintain aggregate supplying system and prolong service life time. We can share the methods with you.

Firstly, before working, you should do some preparatory work, such as test no-load running of belt conveyor, clean sundries, fasten all parts of screw, adjust belt off tracking phenomenon, and so on. You should make sure flexible running.

Secondly, you should change oil of electrical drum on time.

Thirdly, after using six months, you should check and add lubricating oil for bearing of all running spare parts. Also, you should change oil completely every year.

Fourthly, you should use sweeper to check and adjust belt position and guarantee normal material clearing.

Aggregate supplying system is important for dry mortar production line. If you bear these methods in mind and take a action, you will prolong its service life time.

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