small mortar mixer

Small Mortar Mixer

Small mortar mixer is a kind of machinery, which can mix the cement, sand and gravel aggregate and water into mortar mixture. It is mainly composed of mix drum, loading and unloading mechanism, water supply system, prime engine, transmission mechanism, rack and supporting device, etc. Small mortar mixer is the key factor which effects the quality of dry mortar. Small mortar mixer is the key equipment of dry mix mortar manufacturing plant. Good dry mortar need good equipment. The purpose and mission of the devices are to mix all materials evenly.
small mortar mixer
Small mortar mixer is suitable for the small construction site. Our small mortar mixer for sale has the advantages of reasonable structure, good quality of mixing, short stirring time, low energy consumption, low noise, etc. It is ideal mixing equipment of laboratory.

Dry Mortar Colter Mixer

Dry Mortar Colter Mixer1


Model Production Capacity Power Shaft Rotation Speed Size
 (T/H) (kw)  (R/Min) (LxWxH)(mm)
LDH-1.0 8~10 11 100 2700 x 1584x 1756
LDH-2.0 10~20 18.5 100 3300 x 1584 x 1756
LDH-3.0 20~30 45 100 3900 x 1700 x 2200
LDH-4.0 30~40 55 100 4800 x 1700 x 2200


Agravic Twin-shaft Paddle Mortar Mixer

Agravic Twin shaft Paddle Mortar Mixer

Model Production Capacity Power Size Weight
(T/H) (kw) (L x W x H) (mm) (T)
WSH-1.0 5~8 11 2111x1818x1442 4
WSH-2.0 10~15 18.5 2405x2200x1600 8
WSH-3.0 15~25 22 2505x2400x1700 12
WSH-4.0 25~30 45 2860x2710x2300 15
WSH-6.0 45~50 55 3365x2886x2235 22


Horizontal Single Shaft Screw Mortar Mixer

horizontal spiral mortar mixers

Model Production Capacity Power
(T/H) (kw)
HJJ300 0.6~0.9 2.2
HJJ500 1.0~1.5 5.5
HJJ1000 2.0~3.0 7.5
HJJ2000 3~4 11

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Features and advantages:
1.It has small occupation of land.
2.It needs small investment and has quick return.
3.It is simple and convenient to operate.
4. It has high cost performance.

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